Every teacher wants to be a good teacher, but what is this myth about being a “good teacher”?  What are they like? What are the qualities or attributes of a good teacher ?

Teaching jobs are often lucrative and satisfying for people who love to teach. I had also been a teacher once, though I did not ever think myself as a very good teacher, but I know for one thing that majority of my students did love me, a lot still get connected to me through Face book  or phone. Lot of my school children whom I did not teach were happy when I came to their class for arrangement periods. I use to be happy on receiving popular teacher  tag on teacher’s day  and I guess those were the moments when good things started to happen.

So it provoked me to think what are the THE QUALITIES OR ATTRIBUTES   of a good teacher

As a school head the THE QUALITIES OR ATTRIBUTES which I would want in my teaching staff. So I came up with some qualities which I found most relevant for a person involved in a teaching job. I believe if a teacher possesses the following attributes and qualities, he/she can become a very good teacher with large fan following too.

THE QUALITIES OR ATTRIBUTES OF A GOOD TEACHER:A Good Personality & Good dressing style for better professionalism:

  A good teacher has a very good personality; there is no second thought about it. Students always get attracted to teachers with good personality which leads to better communication, understanding, and ultimately good results. Everyone can have a good and presentable personality. Our dress influences our students as well. Without a doubt, teachers are role models for their students, so when teachers dress professionally it sends important messages to students.

We teach our students not just about the academic subject, but also how an adult professional looks and behaves. It reminds that everything a teacher does  makes some kind of statement. By dressing professionally for our students to see, we are giving them an implicit message about how we see ourselves and our task. The more professionally we dress, the more we tell our students they are important. This might seem like a stretch to some, but the connection between our appearance and the significance of an occasion rings true in so many places. We wear suits and dresses to weddings. We get a haircut and dress attractively for a first date. We even dress up our gifts in fancy paper and packaging to make it seem more special.

Our character doesn’t change in these settings, but our appearance does, which communicates how we are assigning significance to any given setting.The degree of our professionalism when we dress at school sends the unspoken message to students, “I take this seriously. I care about you.” And as our students will one day become professionals themselves, we are not only modeling for them the way a professional behaves, but also how one looks. They say that we ought to “Dress for success,” but the success that we dress for is that of our students. https://drharleenkaur.com/tips-power-dressing-working-women/

“Dress shabbily; students remember the clothes. Dress impeccably; students remember the teacher”

Dr.Harleen Kaur
The Qualities or the Attributes of A good Teacher : Dr.Harleen Kaur


“Knowledge is power? No. Knowledge on its own is nothing, but the application of useful knowledge, now that is powerful.” 
Rob Liano

 Another important characteristic of a good teacher is his in-depth knowledge of the teaching subject. There is a saying that ‘a teacher is only as good as his knowledge is’. After all, he is doing a teacher’s job, which is to teach. If he himself lacks in the knowledge of a certain subject that he teaches, he is never going to make a name for himself. So, sign up  the teacher with only that subjects which they have really good at, Otherwise, it is not worth it. And keep motivating the teacher to update the knowledge as there is a famous saying:

“Keep on updating yourself with the latest version because your older version may not be able to adjust with the updates around you.”

THE QUALITIES OR ATTRIBUTES OF A GOOD TEACHER: Amicable, Congenial & approachable:

  I think the most important characteristic of a good teacher can be firm while taking the class but amicable, congenial and approachable with the students outside the class. The students have always thought of their teachers as their enemies, but if a teacher has the above qualities students will love to talk and share their problems  to them without being hesitant. But that does not mean you become too personal with the students  as it can lead to conflicts of interest. Being too open can lead to you losing credibility. If  you are  too friendly and students start  inviting you to movies and parties, u have to  take a step back and lean into juggernaut mode for a bit.

Honestly speaking, It really depends on which type of person you are. For me, being friendly has served me well for years. I  had been friendly, and consistent  but a real juggernaut in the class. There were many things I would  do while at the same time being friendly. This is by far the most difficult line to walk on, but I have always loved that way. I have attempted a variety of combinations, seeing what works best for me.

For me being friendly had been  like, going and playing basket ball with the class by telling them  boys verses girls or going for an arrangement class and talking to them about their various likes and dislikes, this not only opens them but they develop good conversation skills, and the discipline is managed as  their energies get channelized.

May u be proud, of the work you do, the person u are, and the difference u make.

Dr.Harleen Kaur


One of the very important characteristics of a good teacher is his communication skills. He should be a very good speaker. This characteristic will provide benefits in several ways. For example: If his communication skills are good, he can convey his lectures with better skill and results. If he is a good speaker, his class strength increases automatically. People love to hear a person who he can speak well enough.

There is always a shortage of good speakers in the world. Apart from being a good communicator, a good teacher should also have the characteristic of being an even better listener. As there is Turkish proverb: “If speaking is silver; then listening is gold.”   Remember, a good listener will always have many friends and fans. Because people do not want to hear every time, they need people who can listen to them as well. And when a good teacher develops this patient quality in himself, he starts to become a great teacher.


A good teacher should also have the quality and characteristic of having a good sense of humor. It is a logical fact that a person generally teaches the next generation and as they are younger than the professor, they are expected to have more fun in the class too. So, a good teacher is the one who can keep up with his sense of humor, and with his strong communication skills and personality, can also maintain the discipline of the class. I personally want my teachers who can have a deep conversation with the kids and at the same time  joke around with them.

THE QUALITIES OR ATTRIBUTES OF A GOOD TEACHER: Compassion & compassionate Motivation:

Love & compassion are necessities not luxuries, without which the  mankind cannot survive –Dalai Lama

The  most important characteristics of a good teacher is  to  be  compassionate as then only Students will love him, and when they love him, they will idolize him. Then ultimately, they will respect him, will do the homework, and eventually will bring greater outputs and results. As a  Principal, I follow religiously and keep advising my staff also to follow “Compassionate Motivation” which means, as a teacher we motivate our students to do well in studies but if   we are compassionate towards our students, If we really feel from within that the child is not doing well in academics he/she will suffer, then we can communicate better with them, the inner strength will help us spontaneously concern within them. So in short “Compassionate Motivation” means if I feel for the student, I will be able to motivate him/her better. (Ref.)

THE QUALITIES OR ATTRIBUTES OF A GOOD TEACHER: Commitment, creativity & Innovation:  

The teacher is one of the most difficult professions. If a teacher is committed, it means that she/he has fallen in love with the choice and is dedicated to teaching. A committed teacher will always bring best out of the last benches & will be an asset to the institution. Apart from commitment, the teacher should also teach innovatively to the class as to bring best results.  New generation that comes to school brings a variety of novelties with them.

Apart from the numerous devices, there are also different kids from different background. Such children think in a completely different way, so the process of study should also be changed. Teachers not only have to follow all the innovations appearing in the society but also should have a desire to adopt them personally. That also includes the use of the abundance of new technologies at the lessons and for home assignment. Students will be more responsive to the contemporary teacher than one, who got stuck in the last millennium. As there is a common saying:

Most people fail  not because of the lack of desire but  because of lack of commitment, creativity & innovation

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